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Many people have been receiving 1600 and 1602 errors during the restore process of the Seas0nspass jailbreak release from FireCore. This is EXTREMELY easy to fix and no iReb’s PWND DFU mode does not fix this! The reason for this error is that your micro USB cable does not have enough power which is caused by a faulty cable or the fake cheap ones on eBay and other retailers. If you have a genuine micro USB from Samsung, Blackberry, etc you should be OK.

When jailbreaking you should only have the micro USB cable plugged in but in the event you do receive the 1600 or 1602 error simply unplug the Apple TV, plug the power cord into the Apple TV and then reconnect to the PC/MAc via the micro USB cable.

Use our guide to help you through the jailbreak process.

NOTE: You will successfully progress through the software restore process, the firmware restore progress will begin and after approximately 1-2 minutes you will receive the 1600 or 1602 error (that note that this is during the firmware restore). Don’t panic! Simply unplug the Apple TV, hook it back up to your TV, select your language, connect to WiFi or Ethernet and when you hit the home screen you will notice a little red FireCore (FC) logo in the bottom right which will tell you you’re untethered jailbroken!


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