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Palmate Gardening is a business known for designing, creating, and selling some of the most gorgeous garden ornaments around. Pete Bowes, the co-founder of the business designs and hand-makes many of the ornaments. The company not too long ago launched a line of decorative butterfly garden stakes, but the business also announced recently that these ornaments were all sold out before Christmas. It is yet to be seen when the business will have restock available on the market for this line of items.

Bowes was interviewed and quoted as saying that he thinks the business put the butterfly garden ornaments on the market at a great price point, and he speculated that the value made the product very desirable to consumers. That resulted in the product line getting sold out, and since each item is handmade by him and his team, there's only so many that the business can manufacture at one time.

Bowes serves several roles within Palmate Gardening, but 'lead product designer' is one of his many hats, and he is a name that is rapidly gaining respect within the realm of garden ornament design. He considers himself a craftsman and admits he has an emphasis on stained glass artwork, so that all impacts how he creates items with his hands, but also with passion and the vision that only artists have. His passion and skill are reflected in the products he crafts and consumers constantly rave about the work.

Some customers want to rave about the products so much that they post YouTube videos to express their admiration. A few of them involve detailed reviews about the butterfly garden stakes, focusing on particulars they respect and love, be it craftsmanship, hand-wound wire, or the stained glass wings.

Anyone that loves the butterfly ornaments should consider looking at other products Palmate offers. Everything they do is a Pete Bowes design and his own personal handiwork. Each piece is then unique, but also high-caliber and a gorgeous work of art. Bowes constantly points out that the works are like snowflakes, as no two are alike and can't be due to the hand-work involved. Minute variations in anything from the wiring to the stained glass wing coloring reflect the customization of each piece.

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