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Yomp is an app for music lovers who walk, run or work out. The app is easy to use and suitable for all ages and backgrounds.

Yomp is now available to music lovers who want to listen to music while working out, running or walking. The app has been in development for more than five years and is now available for both Android and iPhone users. There are a number of features which make the app attractive to users. The product is designed to be easy and convenient to use. It is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. The only thing users need do is move their feet to the beat.

According to its creator, Alan Simon, “Yomp allows you to listen to the type of songs you love, in your own language. You can even choose your favorite years. The music is non-stop. We have carefully edited each song to ensure that there are no awkward moments. You will not even miss a beat when the music changes. The selection of songs are the best and most accurate in the world. Thousands of pieces are rejected to meet our rigid quality standards.”

Various filters are available in the database. There are four main categories (Pop, Rock, Electronic + Others) and each contains various genres inside. Top 30 hit singles can also be added. If a particular artist or band is desired, the selection of The Boss, Madonna, Manilow or Eminem is easy to listen and move to. Listeners can focus on a particular decade and there are foreign language options too. Listeners can skip songs, design their ideal playlists and then save them for future use.

The Beats Per Minute of the songs make it easy and convenient to walk or run in sync with the music, states Simon. Both the tempo and the rhythm of the music help to keep listeners moving at a rhythmic pace and makes it more fun for users to improve their health and fitness. The app ensures a great non-stop musical experience from beginning to end. A sizable database is the key to satisfying the musical tastes of a variety of walkers, joggers and runners.

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